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Kör Teeth Whitening

KöR’s In-Office Power Whitening system, with constant refrigeration and Tri-Barrel delivery system, greatly enhances the ability to rapidly penetrate tooth microstructure and provide the most effective in-office whitening possible. This option may be used for patients who object to wearing whitening trays at home; however they should understand that whitening results of any in-office-only power whitening system are more unpredictable than other options and may need to be repeated in the future to maintain whiteness.

Unlike other whitening methods the KöR System is able to fully rejuvenate and restore teeth to their youthful ability to absorb bleaching factors. This is achieved by allowing pigments and stain molecules to be fully flooded by bleaching factors, thus thoroughly breaking down large stain molecules to ultra-small colorless and white particles. The resultant conditioning and permeability of the teeth to bleaching factors facilitates easy, effective periodic at-home maintenance, keeping the level of whiteness absolutely permanent, while still allowing you to consume coffee, tea, red wine, etc.